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The Chosens of Mystra Alliance

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An apology and thanks!

     Thank you for being a part of the Chosen_of_Mystra Alliance! It is with great appreciation and apologies to inform you all that the Alliance has been placed on indefinate hold. It has been great to get to know new faces and keep in touch with old friends a-like. Alas, due to several factors as stated below, the channel and alliance will no longer be maintained in any active capacity for the forseeable future.

What was the Chosen_of_Mystra channel?

     The Chosen_of_Mystra was not a Guild in and of itself. It was a custom chat channel on the Cryptic Chat Server. The Chosen_of_Mystra chat channel was based in Neverwinter Online, but could be accessed in any of Cryptic's three MMO Games: Neverwinter Online, Star Trek Online, and Champions Online. The channel was not directly affiliated with any Guilds based primarily on STO or CO however. The channel's core affiliation remained within Neverwinter Online.

What was the chat channel for?

     The Chosen_of_Mystra channel was designed to be used as a central and neutral meeting place to serve as an Alliance for Guilds and individuals, like friends and family who may not be in an active guild.

What happened to the alliance?

     Due to health issues and time constraints, no proper leadership could be maintained and the Alliance fell into inactivity and neglegence. Furthermore, due to one particular Guild Leader's drama and expressions to dissolve the Channel of their own Accord, they were removed from such a position in the Channel. They then decided to bad-mouth Zebular about it, stirring even more drama of their own devising. Due to this and the afore-mentioned lack of leadership and activity, the Alliance has been placed on hold and said Guild Leader removed from the Channel.

What about other Members, will they be removed too?

     Any other current members will be allowed to remain in the Channel and continue to use it as they wish to communicate with friends. Only those who cause undue drama or make insulting and disrepesctful remarks will be removed. Only a few members will remain with any Operator or Administrative permissions, everyone else has been made a "user" of the Channel.

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